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Physician Volunteers

Thank you to all of our volunteer physicians who attended the 2020 Medical Meeting.

We are honored to share the highly requested report on the COVID 19 Vaccine Update HERE.


Physicians with active Florida Licenses are invited join us to enhance our ability to deliver quality health care with compassion and respect to Collier County’s adult, low-income population.

The Clinic staff and its medical and non-medical volunteers want this to be a meaningful experience for you. We offer you the following support to make that happen:

– Sovereign Immunity from malpractice
Patient relationships remain with the Clinic
Hours and days woven around your schedule
Primary and Specialty Clinics
To nurture our nurturers, food and beverages are provided at every clinic session. Meals are generously donated by local restaurants, local organizations and groups, as well as individuals.

Please be prepared to provide copies of all appropriate professional licenses.

If you have any questions please contact the Clinic’s Co-Founder, Nancy Lascheid at 239.529.2250.