Clinic/Patient: 239.529.2255 Development Office: 239.261.6600

88 12th Street North Suite 100, Naples, FL 34102

Patient Responsibilities






Schedule a visit – Patients are required to call ahead to schedule a visit.



Keep scheduled visit – Or call to cancel. Any cancellation less than 24 hours before the scheduled visit will be considered a NO Show. Two (2) NO SHOWS may result in ineligibility of services.



Be patient – The Neighborhood Health Clinic delivers quality medical care using a volunteer professional staff. Although every effort is made to properly staff each clinic session there are times when we may be short on volunteers or the doctors may run behind schedule. Your patience is appreciated.



Supply necessary documentation – Patients are required to provide identification and paystubs or tax return forms when requested. 



Be Courteous – Absolutely NO BEHAVIORAL OR VERBAL ABUSE. The physicians, nurses, pharmacists and administration volunteer their time to help you. Abusive behavior and / or language will not be tolerated.



Follow Instructions – Take all medications prescribed for you on schedule; get medications refills before you run out; keep all scheduled referral appointments.







The Clinic Will Make:


Every effort to provide you with the medications you require


Referral appointments for you for specialist visits, tests, procedures, etc.



The Clinic Does Not:


Provide employment physicals or “well” patient examinations


Treat patients who have access to health insurance through their employer, spouse’s health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Disability Insurance, Worker’s Compensation or Unemployment Benefits


Treat patients with AIDS, tuberculosis, pregnancy or pregnancy-related conditions. These services are provided by Collier County Health Department