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Nurse Volunteers



We have a congenial atmosphere of medical and non-medical volunteers. Our nurses are usually scheduled for two Clinic sessions each month but we work around your availability.


If you are actively licensed, you can help us serve the patients in so many ways. Unlicensed nurses review and maintain patient charts and keep the examination rooms stocked and ready.


To make your experience with us as productive as possible, please note:


– The Clinic’s medical volunteers are protected from malpractice by Sovereign Immunity
– We practice traditional medicine, nurses are paired with doctors on a clinic-by-clinic basis and work with them in traditional medical protocol
Our Clinic routinely provides the spectrum of activity from internal and family medicine, subspecialty practice, to urgent and emergency care
Our nurses are scheduled on a rotating monthly basis, usually participating in two clinics each month
CEUs opportunities
To nurture our nurturers, food and beverages are provided at every clinic session. Meals are generously donated by local restaurants, local organizations and groups, as well as individuals.


Please be prepared to provide copies of all appropriate professional licenses, Social Security card and Driver’s License.

If you have questions please contact our Nurse Coordinator, Ann Crews, at 239.529.2245.