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Breast Health



The funds received for our breast health program make it possible for the Clinic to:


– Provide education on breast self awareness examinations utilizing a multilingual DVD with a breast health educator
– Provide breast examinations by a physician
Diagnose patients at an early and more treatable stage through screening mammograms or diagnostic procedures as determined by a physician.


A complimentary copy of the multilingual Self Breast Examination video is available upon request. Please call 239.261.6600.


Self Breast Exam Tips:


– Regular monthly self breast exams can result in early detection and early detection SAVES LIVES.
– Woman should perform monthly self breast exams AND be examined by a physician on a regular basis.
Pick a day each month that is easy to remember so you will not forget to perform your self breast exam. For example, the first of every month, the first day after your period, your birthday, etc.
Schedule your physician visits around your birthday so you do not forget them.
Woman who have had breast cancer or a close family member who has had breast cancer may need to be tested earlier or more frequently.
Remember: men are affected by breast cancer too.


Early Detection Saves Lives