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Swan Song

My Goodness, this has been hard to write!  I gave notice at the Clinic that I would be leaving Oct. 17 and was asked to write a short article about my experiences at the Clinic and honestly I have been thinking about it since.  Where do I begin?

After thirteen years of being involved and eight of those years as Volunteer Volunteer Coordinator, I have wonderful memories about the growth of the Clinic, the people I have met, the success of the Mission and the Founding Volunteers, medical and non-med, because it took people from all professions to make the Clinic work.  One of my remarks during a potential volunteer tour is, “The walls are painted with miracles”, and I go on to explain how the current building came to be, how it was furnished very much through the generosity of good neighbors, how the Dental Clinic developed, how important it was to have the Lab equipment on site to save the patients the time it would take to go elsewhere for tests.  And lots more.

I cannot overlook all those miracles that walked through the door with good hearts and skills asking “What can I do?”  Very personally, I loved talking with all of you.  I will be able to take my time reading the morning papers, but I will miss hearing about the wonderful career, family and interesting histories you all shared with me.

And….life goes on.  As long as life goes on, there is a need for Health Care providers.  The Neighborhood Health Clinic will prevail in their Mission with a host of volunteers, both professional and supportive, working along with the Staff to continue caring for the qualifying patients who walk through the doors.

I am so proud to have been able to be part of a brilliant concept and watch it work.

Eileen Iaizzo