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Salute to Eileen

Eileen Iaizzo loves this Clinic.  It shows when she gives a potential volunteer “the tour.”  The entire community could feel that love and support in every one of the many Letters to the Editor she penned to the Naples Daily News.

As the Clinic’s Volunteer Volunteer recruiter and coordinator, Eileen has been sharing the Clinic’s mission and story since the Grand Central Station days.  She started out in the medication room, requesting medications for patients and contacting the pharmaceutical companies the old fashioned way with paper and pencil.

Her “salary” was increased when she began coordinating the volunteer program, including recruiting and training prospective volunteers.  The Clinic is known for its strong volunteer support and we can thank Eileen for her role in creating that reality.  It is our great loss that Eileen is stepping down from that position.

Eileen has frequently said that the Clinic’s volunteers are why the light glows from the Clinic’s logo.

Eileen, thank you for turning on the light.