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Gold Star Staff: Kathy Mathias

IMG_6883Kathy was born in New York and as a child moved back and forth between New York and Florida. Eventually she settled here and she considers Naples her home. Kathy is currently in the final stages of her degree in Health Service Management and Administration. She plans to continue her education through a Master’s Program in the future. Kathy’s curious and inquisitive nature makes her the kind of person that enjoys learning. She is always looking for ways to better herself as a person and in turn strives to help others do the same. These qualities are just a few of the reasons why she is an important part of the Neighborhood Health Clinic family.

Kathy originally heard about NHC online and through word of mouth, and in 2012 was hired on temporarily as an Administrative Assistant. She worked well with our patients, her coworkers, and was offered a full time position. “I was looking for a place to call home rather than a place to work.” Kathy enjoys being a part of a nonprofit, a place not focused on making the most money, but doing the most good. She lives by her own law, “I believe when you do good things for others good things will happen to you.”

When asked about her new position as Lab Coordinator Kathy responded, “I enjoy my new position; it provides me with many new challenges. It’s the next step in my career path. Of course it entails more responsibilities, more work, and requires my full attention every day, but it’s a challenge well met.” Being a Virgo Kathy is well organized, a multitasker, and a perfectionist, “Only another Virgo would understand,” she quipped with a smile. She says she enjoyed her previous position working at the front desk, greeting patients for appointments, answering phones, but being in the lab she feels she has more personal interaction with them, and helping patients is why she enjoys what she does. Kathy sees the Clinic expanding and continuing the passion we all share, helping those who are less fortunate.

In her free time Kathy enjoys reading, walking, running and playing sports. She loves spending time with family and friends. Photography is a hobby she is very passionate about whether it’s editing her own pictures or making collages, “putting together memories out of moments, having something to cherish.”

“I enjoy living and love life itself. I like to learn, to develop as a person, to be different. I like to teach myself new things every day but most importantly I always strive to be a better person.”