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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Salute to Eileen

Eileen Iaizzo loves this Clinic.  It shows when she gives a potential volunteer “the tour.”  The entire community could feel that love and support in every one of the many Letters to the Editor she penned to the Naples Daily News.

As the Clinic’s Volunteer Volunteer recruiter and coordinator, Eileen has been sharing the Clinic’s mission and story since the Grand Central Station days.  She started out in the medication room, requesting medications for patients and contacting the pharmaceutical companies the old fashioned way with paper and pencil.

Her “salary” was increased when she began coordinating the volunteer program, including recruiting and training prospective volunteers.  The Clinic is known for its strong volunteer support and we can thank Eileen for her role in creating that reality.  It is our great loss that Eileen is stepping … Read more...

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Swan Song

My Goodness, this has been hard to write!  I gave notice at the Clinic that I would be leaving Oct. 17 and was asked to write a short article about my experiences at the Clinic and honestly I have been thinking about it since.  Where do I begin?

After thirteen years of being involved and eight of those years as Volunteer Volunteer Coordinator, I have wonderful memories about the growth of the Clinic, the people I have met, the success of the Mission and the Founding Volunteers, medical and non-med, because it took people from all professions to make the Clinic work.  One of my remarks during a potential volunteer tour is, “The walls are painted with miracles”, and I go on to explain how the current building came to be, how it was furnished … Read more...

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Gold Star Staff: Kathy Mathias

IMG_6883Kathy was born in New York and as a child moved back and forth between New York and Florida. Eventually she settled here and she considers Naples her home. Kathy is currently in the final stages of her degree in Health Service Management and Administration. She plans to continue her education through a Master’s Program in the future. Kathy’s curious and inquisitive nature makes her the kind of person that enjoys learning. She is always looking for ways to better herself as a person and in turn strives to help others do the same. These qualities are just a few of the reasons why she is an important part of the Neighborhood Health Clinic family.

Kathy originally heard about NHC online and through word of mouth, and in 2012 was hired on temporarily as an … Read more...

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Anneliese Salamon

annelieseThe Clinic’s volunteers come from many backgrounds, bringing an infinite number of experiences. It is from those backgrounds that a sense of service and compassion informs their characters.  Anneliese Salamon is such a person and would humbly resist bringing attention to her.  However, it cannot pass without noting that Anneliese, instead of burying her experience as a Holocaust survivor, steps out in the name of peace and tolerance by sharing her very painful experience. By Volunteering at the Holocaust Museums of Southwest Florida and speaking at schools, she conveys how intolerance can lead to such devastating results.  The October issue of e’Bella magazine profiles Annalise and is on newsstands now.… Read more...

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