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Guild Happenings

LOGO whiteby: Penny Lauer, Board/Guild Member

The mission of the Guild for NHC is to serve as ambassadors for the Neighborhood Health Clinic and to raise funds to support patient services.  We would also like add that we serve as direct volunteers to the Clinic.  This season we expanded our Member Chalkboard to include requests for volunteers from the Clinic’s volunteer coordinator.  A list of volunteer opportunities at the Clinic is also now included in our new membership packets.

Additionally, a new Guild committee has been established to provide dinners to Clinic volunteers during regular Clinic hours.   Our year-round resident members have filled all of the open evenings for the summer.

We’re very excited that a new Guild tab is now included on the Clinic website, giving visitors to the site immediate information about the Guild and its membership opportunities.

Finally, the Guild now has a shared office at the Clinic to work out of.  Members can conduct small meetings there, maintain membership packets and other supplies, post dates of our events for staff to see, assemble a bulletin board of photos and reminders, and – very importantly – interact with staff on a more frequent basis.   We encourage our Executive Committee and all Committee Chairs to use the space and to offer assistance to the Clinic’s staff and volunteers as needed.

Members of our Guild are dedicated to the good work of the Clinic and are delighted to be a part of its team.