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National Doctors’ Day

By John Coleman

Some of our doctors work in “big hospitals”, while others work in “little clinics”.  Some spend their lives in research laboratories, while others work tirelessly to keep their patients well.  Whether our doctors work in communities blessed with high standards of living or areas stricken with disease and poverty, the sacrifices they have made to become a doctor and the sacrifices they continue to make as practicing physicians are too often overlooked.

To honor our physicians, Congress has designated March 30th as “National Doctors Day”.

At the Neighborhood Health Clinic, we take this opportunity to express our gratitude to our more than two-hundred-fifty volunteer physicians.  These extraordinary men and women include such well-known physicians as Dr. Alan Weiss, who is the CEO of a “big hospital” and our own Dr. William Lascheid, who is a founder of our “little clinic”.

“People who have access to healthcare live better and longer thus being more productive for society and themselves.  The Neighborhood Health Clinic helps fulfill an important need in our community by providing health care for some of our citizens who are currently uninsured.  Being a physician member of the team since inception has been and continues to be an honor and pleasure.  Thanks for the opportunity,” said Clinic volunteer Dr. Allen Weiss.

Thank you, one and all!