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Hodges University Profile Assessment

The Hodges University Johnson School of Business Community Profile assessment painted a disturbing picture concerning poverty in Collier County and suggested an ongoing need for the Neighborhood Health Clinic:

• One third of working adults in Collier County have no health insurance

• The percent of working adults in Collier County without health insurance is about two times the national average

• More than 46,000 working adults in Collier County are below 150% of the Federal Poverty Level and do not have health insurance

• Poverty rate of Collier County adults rose from 9% to 15% in the last six years

Phase two of this project will be conducted in October 2013 and we will publish those results soon thereafter.

Our sincere appreciation goes to the Hodges University team for the enormity of this project. Thank you to Dr. Nancey Wyant, Dr. Aysegul Timur, Susan Casey, Davor Pranjic, Dr. Gerald Franz, Dr. Carlene Harrison, and Anke Stugk.

When the study is completed we will have an expanded picture about the ongoing need for the Neighborhood Health Clinic, community perception of our organization and ways to enhance support.

Click here to read the entire needs assessment.