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Smoke-Free Campus

The Neighborhood Health Clinic Board of Directors unanimously voted to implement a campus-wide smoke-free policy, effective January 1, 2013. Prominent signage announcing this policy has been placed around the building and grounds.

As healthcare providers, we want to insure a healthy and clean environment for our entire patient and volunteer community. There is incontrovertible evidence that smoking is a health hazard – secondhand smoke affects everyone.

In addition, the Neighborhood Health Clinic offers a very aggressive smoking cessation program.  Patients who smoke are required to attend a “Quit Smoking Now” class.  This is a program developed jointly with the Everglades Area Health Education Center.  The Center provides materials, a teacher and an interpreter for translation needs.

The use of tobacco is an extremely addictive habit. The focus of the Quit Smoking Now class is to assist patients to quit smoking.  It also addresses coping with withdrawal, understanding and managing relapse triggers, and recognizing the health benefits of being a non-smoker.