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$10,000,000 Anonymously Donated to Neighborhood Health Clinic’s Endowment Fund

The New Year’s celebration came early for the Founders, Board, Staff and supporters of the Neighborhood Health Clinic.  A Naples couple who have been long time supporters of the Clinic made an anonymous $10,000,000 gift to the Clinic’s William P. Lascheid M.D., Endowment Fund.  The surprise announcement was made at the couple’s Naples residence Saturday evening, December 29, 2012.   The guests responded with applause, cheers, lots of hugs and tears throughout the festive evening.

This extraordinary gift will assure the perpetuity and ongoing financial health of the Neighborhood Health Clinic.  Even though up to 5% may be withdrawn annually from this Fund, the Clinic will continue to meet its operating expenses from private, corporate, foundation and United Way support plus their signature fund raising event, the annual Block Party.  The Clinic is very proud of its financial management record.  It does not receive any federal, state or local governmental financial aid and 92 percent of every dollar received goes directly to patient services.  This offers a significant return on investment.

The Neighborhood Health Clinic was established in 1999 to provide a medical home and quality health care for low income, working Collier County adults who do not have medical insurance. These are the neighbors who help build our homes, maintain our yards and lawns, clean and service our pools, serve as wait staff and housekeepers as well as many other private and commercial services on which all of us depend.

According to Clinic co-founders Dr. Bill and Nancy Lascheid, “From the beginning, these special friends have embraced the vision.   As the years have passed their financial support has saved many lives and changed the quality of life for so many more. Their compassion along with this generous gift will allow for the continuation of this life-saving medical home for so many deserving patients. Collier County and our low income workers with health needs have been blessed by these two angels.”

The Clinic depends not only on the financial support of our community but also on both volunteer medical professionals and administrative support volunteers.  For more information about the endowment fund as well as volunteer opportunities, please contact Nina Gray at 260-2090 or visit