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To you who believe in the mission and support the Neighborhood Health Clinic

A common misconception is how the United States will look after the full implementation of Health Care Reform and will there no longer be a need for the Neighborhood Health Clinic. The answer straight and simple is – yes, there will still be a need for the Neighborhood Health Clinic and its mission of being a life-saving medical home for the working poor of our community.

Many will be surprised to learn that even after full implementation, there may be as many as 29 million people who are still without access to health insurance. There does not seem to be a balance in the Bill that reflects what’s affordable for patients. National clinics like ours will continue to be needed to provide charity and/or affordable care as part of the safety net, in particular the working poor whom we serve.

The Neighborhood Health Clinic will continue with your support to be an important and critical part of Collier County’s health care system for low income adults. We will work toward building a healthy America one patient at a time through private philanthropy and volunteerism.

Thank you and take care,

Leslie Lascheid
Chief Executive Officer
Neighborhood Health Clinic