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Physicians’ Talent Show Receives National Award

This July, at their convention in Nashville, TN, The National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) honored Billings’ Steinway Piano Gallery as one of Americas Top 100 Music Dealers and the Physicians’ Talent Show as the Outstanding Promotional Event of 2011.

NAMM is the not-for-profit association with more than 9,000 member companies in 87 countries that strengthen the global musical instruments and products industry, while promoting the pleasures and benefits of making music.

The Physicians’ Talent Showcase was born from Greg and Sara Billings shared interest. She is a Registered Nurse with a love of music. He is a musician, writer and businessman with a fascination for medicine. Both are committed to helping the disadvantaged. Together they produce the annual showcase which brings physicians and their musical talents together at the Sugden Theatre in Naples to benefit the Neighborhood Health Clinic, a medical home for the uninsured low income worker. “This event is the perfect way to merge our passion for music and healthcare while supporting our community” states Sara Billings.

Since the first Physicians’ Talent Show in 2005, the Billings have provided a showcase for more than 50 physicians and have raised more than $150,000 for the Neighborhood Health Clinic. Naples finest doctors have sung, danced, played instruments ranging from the musical saw to the ukelele, and performed magic and ventrequilism.

“The Physicians Talent Showcase has been a huge success with tremendous financial support for the Clinic’s mission and an opportunity for physicians to share their musical talents. For me personally I’ve truly enjoyed performing and the comradery of my fellow musical physicians. The Billings have created a wonderful event and gift to the community and the Clinic, for that we give our heartfelt thanks,” said Dr. Lascheid.

The 8th Annual Physicians’ Talent Show will be held at the Sugden Theatre in Naples on October 9th.  Call the Sugden Theatre at (239) 263-7990 to purchase your tickets.