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Congress passed the ACA and the Supreme Court has validated the constitutionality of the law

The Clinic will be fulfilling our mission to the under-served working poor in Collier County until the provisions of the Affordable Care Act are due to be instituted in 2014, so it is business as usual until then.  However, depending on the results of the congressional elections in the fall (refusing to fund the act, for example) as well as the intention of our state government (Governor Scott has indicated Florida will opt out since it is up to each state to choose whether or not to participate), the ACA may or may not affect what we are doing thereafter.

If it is fully enacted in 2014, there will still be several million (who knows what the right number is) who will not be able to afford the premiums, choose not to participate, or cannot gain access to providers.

The Clinic recognizes the potential sweeping effects of the ACA, and the board and strategic planning committee will continue to assess these effects as we learn more about the implications of the law.

For additional reading, click here for an op-ed from the New England Journal of Medicine that nicely summarizes the implications of the Supreme Court ruling….