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How We Can Learn to Handle Stress

Stress can make us feel nervous, sad or depressed.  We may worry about family, work and money problems.  Living with these struggles every day can leave us tired, irritable and feeling there is no way out of the situation.



A few tried and true tips

  • Take a few deep breaths – slows breathing and makes your muscles relax
  • Take a brisk walk during the day
  • Talk to family and friends about your feelings.  It’s important for them to know so they can help you get through a difficult time
  • Literally count your blessings: remember the things that are good in your life
  • Remember the importance of The Life Balance Wheel: home, career, money, health, friends and family, significant other/romance, personal growth, fun and recreation

A recent Healthy Lifestyles graduate shared with us how feelings of depression have been reduced because of looking forward to and attending our four weekly classes. The patient is particularly happy to report that the doctor has been able to reduce the level of medication!