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Guild Save-a-Life Luncheon

Eighty-four enthusiastic and energetic women attended the first Guild Save-a-Life luncheon on April 20 at the Naples Yacht Club.  Dr. Robert Tober, Neighborhood Health Clinic’s medical director, offered a mini tutorial on CPR and Dr. Newell Falkinburg, Clinic volunteer physician and ventriloquist, entertained with his “dummy” Archie.

“The luncheon at the Naples Yacht Club was well received. The ladies were welcomed with a glass of prosecco and a lobster salad was served”, said Lydia Smith, Secretary.  “It was a wonderful way to welcome new members and introduce new friends to the outstanding work being done at the Clinic.”

The Guild for the Neighborhood Health Clinic was formed to raise friends and funds to support patient services.  A check for $7,000 was presented at the luncheon to Nina Gray, CEO, and will be utilized to purchase equipment and supplies for the Clinic’s surgical room where outpatient surgical procedures are performed.

The Guild formed in October 2011 when Jane Scholtz and Joy Dillon met to discuss the need for more visibility for the Neighborhood Health Clinic.  From that first meeting, a membership recruitment luncheon was held in January and then the end-of-year event.  The Guild raised a total of $10,000 in only three months and will continue to recruit friends and funds.  For more information about the Guild, please contact Chris Brick at 239.250.8416 or