Clinic/Patient: 239.529.2255 Development Office: 239.261.6600

88 12th Street North Suite 100, Naples, FL 34102

Test Your Knowledge

1. The Neighborhood Health Clinic provides “_________ and healing for those in need.”

2. The Neighborhood Clinic begin operating April ____________ (Year)

3. Name the Co-Founders.

4. The Clinic treats patients who are:

a) At or below 150% of the Federal Poverty Level
b) Between the ages of 19 and 64
c) Employed
d) Collier County Residents
e) Without health insurance or any government assistance
f) All of the above

5. The phone number to the Clinic is __________________________________________________.

6. The Clinic website address is www.__________________________________________________.

7. Neighborhood Health Clinic has over 700 volunteers.


8. The Neighborhood Health Clinic does not accept any government funding.


9. For a contribution eligible patients will receive:

a) Medical assessments
b) Referrals to specialists
c) Laboratory testing
d) Prescription medications (non-narcotic)
e) All of the above

10.  The Neighborhood Health Clinic offers patient several educational programs at no cost.
Name three.

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