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Sovereign Immunity at Neighborhood Health Clinic Intact

Simply said Sovereign Immunity is the “Good Samaritan Act” for healthcare providers.  It protects providers from being sued when they volunteer their professional services and are not financially compensated.

The law states “all volunteers who work at the Neighborhood Health Clinic are protected under the State of FL Statute 766.115.  This law means the State of Florida assumes responsibility for the treatment of patients eligible under this program. Volunteers are providing care on behalf of the State of Florida and legal action can only be taken against the State of Florida.”

We have done our due diligence and are confident that sovereign immunity for the Neighborhood Health Clinic is not at risk.  For more information, please call Nancy Lascheid at 260-2084, Nina Gray at 260-2090 or visit the State of Florida website to read about Statute 766.115.