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$10,000 Grand Prize Drawing winner, Jinny Cullman, donates money back to Clinic

The 2012 Block Party Committee offered a limited number of chances to win $10,000. The winning ticket was drawn at the 9th annual Block Party held on February 18, 2012 at the Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club. (The source of the funds for the award came from the money received from the drawing).

Before the winning ticket was drawn, guest enjoyed conversation, cocktails and passed hors d’oeuvres during cocktail hour. This was followed by a sit-down dinner and dancing to the music of Cahlua and Cream. The duo played a variety of different musical styles and had the guests dancing the night away.

After dessert was served, the fun continued with a live auction and Save-a-Life campaign, but not before the Grand Prize Drawing winner was announced. Grand Prize Drawing winner, Jinny Cullman, generously donated the $10,000 cash prize back to the Clinic.

A message from Jinny Cullman:
“Jean and Don Lein graciously bought a table for ten and invited us to join them at the 9th Annual Block Party. I was glad to be there. I learned more about the Clinic than I was able to from reading newspaper articles over the years. I was stunned to win the Grand Prize Drawing. I have had more than my share of medical problems but I have been fortunate enough to have had good insurance coverage. I feel for the people that can’t afford healthcare. It is bad enough to have medical problems without having financial worries too. To help the Clinic serve those people is why I chose to not accept the winnings.”