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The Neighborhood Health Clinic selected to participate in the School “Giver” Program

The Neighborhood Health Clinic is one of three charities that the fourth grade students at Calusa Park, Lely, Golden Terrace, Lake Park, and Royal Palm Elementary Schools can donate to during the 2011-2012 school year. If selected by the students, 100% of the student and community partner donations for that class will go directly to the Neighborhood Health Clinic. This is the fourth consecutive year the Clinic has been invited to participate in the program.

Although a committee selects the charities that can potentially be chosen, the students ultimately make the final decision on which one to support. The Neighborhood Health Clinic has been a popular choice, being selected to receive donations each year of participation.

Beginning January 2, 2012 through February 10, 2012, students are encouraged to bring change and hold mini-fundraisers. Students raise additional funds from community partners by playing the weekly math game, “Counting for Charity”. Community partners donate $1.00 to each classroom’s charity for each correct answer.

The School “Giver” Program was created by Charity for Change to instill the spirit of giving and volunteering in children by giving them the opportunity to learn about charities and experience the rewarding feeling that comes from helping others. The program increases the students’ empathy for others, and reinforces positive behavior, good citizenship, and volunteering.

“This program introduces students to their community and provides them an opportunity to see the impact they can have in the world around them,” says Peg O’Kane from Charity for Change.

To donate, or for more information on how you can participate or become a community partner, please contact Charity for Change at and or call 239.592.6787.