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Neighborhood Health Clinic’s 2012 New Year’s Resolutions

A New Year’s Resolution is generally defined as a commitment to a goal or project in anticipation of new beginnings. The Clinic’s New Year’s Resolutions are among some of the most popular, according to Wikipedia.

• Improve health by losing weight, exercising more, eating better and quit smoking

• Improve career and finances

• Improve education

• Volunteer to help others

Improve health by losing weight, exercising more, eating better and quit smoking
By offering the Healthy Lifestyles and Quit Smoking Now! programs, the Neighborhood Health Clinic is giving patients an opportunity to take control of their health.

Improve Education
The Neighborhood Health Clinic understands that education is the key to empowering the patients. In addition to Health Lifestyles and Quit Smoking Now!, the Clinic also offers a Diabetic Self Management and the Breast Health Program.

Improve Finances / Career
The Neighborhood Health Clinic believes that by providing quality medical care patients have the opportunity to be productive members of the community. By being healthy enough maintain steady work patients are able improve their financial situations.

Part of the Neighborhood Health Clinic’s mission is to be able to provide quality medical care using a professional volunteer staff. The Neighborhood Health Clinic would like to thank the over 650 volunteers (250 medical / 400 non-medical) who donate their time and expertise to help neighbors in need.