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Medication Room Record

On July 7, 2011, the Neighborhood Health Clinic medication room dispensed 451 non-narcotic prescriptions in just six hours, breaking their previous record of 330.  Currently, the medication room dispenses approximately $246,000 (retail value) of medications per month.  On the July 7th record breaking day, the estimated retail value of medication was $43,357.

A team of volunteers work daily to secure donated medications from the pharmaceutical company’s compassionate medication programs.  The majority of the Clinic’s medications come from this source.  When unable to secure the necessary medications from the pharmaceutical companies or donations from medical offices, the Neighborhood Health Clinic purchases prescription items through a bulk purchasing rate.

There are NO controlled substances/narcotics in this facility.

“At the clinic we are seeing and treating an increase number of patients each year with diagnoses far more complex than colds and influenza,” according to Nina Gray, Neighborhood Health Clinic Chief Development Officer “Our patient population does not reflect the seasonal fluctuations so common in Collier County.”